On Thursday 28th January 2021, Heriot Brown Legal Search and Recruitment hosted a virtual round table event, encouraging an open discussion on the importance of repurposing skills. The session was hosted by Michi Nishikawa, senior legal consultant at Heriot Brown and conducted under Chatham House Rules.

The discussion panel was comprised of in-house legal counsels from various FTSE 250 corporations, tech firms and many more. Our attendees conducted an in-depth discussion on how they would characterise repurposing skills and shared details of their personal experiences surrounding growth and adaptability, particularly in such unprecedented times.

The importance of ‘Repurposing Skills’

The discussion began with an open dialogue on how to define repurposing skills, with those at Heriot Brown highlighting the importance of adaptability, repurposing the skills of yourself and others as well as specialism within a particular industry.

Adaptability was noted as a key driver for successful growth and development by many of the attendees, which became a strong focus of the session. A general counsel at a FSTE 250 corporation highlighted the notion of resilience, and repurposing existing source and utilising current skills, particularly in the context of in-house training contracts.

Additionally, in-depth discussions on the transition from private practice to in-house positions directed attention to a ‘kill list’ when setting up your legal team, improving the business and building relationships. A general counsel at a software company emphasised three key points; people, processing, products, namely, knowing your clients and the market in which you operate but also how repurposing your skills in different roles can add personal value to any business.

Other discussions centred around management, highlighting the importance of being commercial leaders and the soft skills necessary for growing, developing and managing a successful team. Taking a proactive approach, particularly in such unprecedented times, can enhance strong relationships within a business.

Concluding remarks

Thank you to everyone who joined and participated in our virtual round table event. It was fascinating to hear varying perspectives on repurposing skills and top tips for operating within a new business. Keep up to date with Heriot Brown Legal Search and Recruitment on social media to be informed about future events.


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