Heriot Brown

  • W W W . H E R I O T B R O W N . C O M With interview processes shifting to online as a result of the ongoing issues surround COVID-19, the same shift is happening for companies that want to get their new hire set up, onboarded and working as quickly as possible. Remote onboarding is not a completely new concept and with the right planning, guidance and understanding it can
  • W W W . H E R I O T B R O W N . C O M As part of a series of General Counsel Roundtables, Heriot Brown Legal Search and Recruitment recently hosted a virtual round table, covering “The Principles of Leadership for In-House Legal Teams.” The panel was comprised of General Counsels from a great mix of FTSE 100 blue chip corporations to high growth companies, offering a great blend of
  • W W W . H E R I O T B R O W N . C O M As most of us are still working from home, we are communicating virtually for long periods every day, with diverse groups of people from different cultures, forums and time zones. We are continuing our usual work tasks and commitments, but now having to deliver meetings and presentations as well as communicate a host of difficult messages.

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