Heriot Brown

How did you land your first role in-house?

I am currently still in my first in-house role! I think I was lucky enough to have a broad private practice training that meant I was a good fit for most media/tech organisations, plus I had lots of in-house secondment experience to know it was the right move for me.

How did you get to VP and Deputy General Counsel – was it a leap or climb?

Definitely a climb but certainly a steady one. I’ve been at Bally’s Interactive for 8.5 years and every few years my role has progressed and expanded in some way, whether in terms of management responsibility or broadening of remit. That’s kept things interesting and my roles constantly challenging. When I first joined there were four lawyers. Now, globally, we must be knocking on 30 which gives you an idea of how much the company has grown and feeds into why I have progressed.

What is the most interesting piece of information you have realised you didn’t know you didn’t know about Bally’s Interactive]?

I didn’t know much about Gamesys (as we were then known) before joining, so everything was new to me. One thing I learnt very quickly was the complexity and interesting nature of working for a business in a regulated market. The regulation is always moving and part of the challenge as a lawyer is keeping up with it, as well as advising the business on how to adhere to it. Never a dull day!

What piece of advice has stuck with you since your TC days?

Always do the small things well. If you deem a piece of work beneath you in some way and/or don’t give it the time of day, you can’t expect someone more senior to give you more dynamic work. That can mean proof reading every email, general attention to detail and following up if there’s anything more you can assist with. Also, people will naturally lean more towards working with people who understand how they can help and are enjoyable to work with (potentially over someone technically superior), so if you make light work for peers or more senior colleagues, you will reap the rewards.

What advice would you give to someone looking to make the jump now?

There’s never not a good time. I have worked with NQs straight from private practice, and those who have spent longer learning from private practice peers and both have their merits. Ultimately if are interested in understanding how businesses work and want to assist making commercial decisions, you will be a good addition. Either way, it wouldn’t be my advice to spend longer in any role that isn’t serving you or making you happy because of some notion there’s a certain amount of time you should be somewhere.

What do you miss about private practice?

Absolutely nothing!

Do you have a work-life balance?

Yes, for the most part! And when things are a bit spicier, it’s usually very rewarding being part of a project of strategic importance in a company you really care about.

And finally, what is your favourite ice cream?

Anything with salted caramel or honeycomb…